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Everyone in a community has something to offer. People can contribute and want to contribute. But only a small amount of their total capacity is used.

And that’s because people need mobilization and empowerment for a change.

The Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) is a strategy for sustainable community-driven development where active participation and empowerment are the basis of practice.

It sets out to make communities drive the development process by themselves using what is already in the community, responding to and creating local sustainable economic opportunity.  

The process consists to:

Existing associations and networks (whether formal or informal) are assumed to be the source of constructive energy in the community. Those are the vehicles through which all a community’s assets can be identified and then connected to another in ways that multiply their power and effectiveness.

This process enables us to conduct  the positive change -instead of making everything from scratch with our own hands- and scale to a great number of people impacted. The beneficials are long-lasting and measurable.


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